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Health Professionals and
Community Partners

Working With WIC

WIC is proud to offer healthy foods and experts in nutrition, health, and breastfeeding to assist families at critical periods of growth and development.

CDPH/WIC Division counts on health care providers to refer WIC-eligible families to the WIC Program.

Whether you work in a hospital, the community or a clinic, WIC is here to help your patient population!

WIC Outreach Materials

WIC Breastfeeding Support Services

Therapeutic Formula

A WIC participant may have a medical condition and need therapeutic formula that is not a WIC contract formula. Therapeutic formulas should be covered by the WIC participant's health plan when the clinician provides adequate medical justification. Should a WIC participant be denied therapeutic formula coverage by his or her health plan (Medi-Cal or other health insurance), the WIC Program may provide the therapeutic formula.

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Clinical Guidelines and References

Residency Rotation Program
Breastfeeding Research and Data
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