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Public Charge and Immigration

NOTICE: March 9, 2021 Update: The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) public charge rule under the previous administration was permanently blocked. This final federal court ruling restores the United States' longstanding public charge policy. Read the California Health & Human Agency Alert here.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is utilizing public charge guidance from 1999. You can find out more information from the USCIS page about public charge here.
The USCIS will not consider participation in Medi-Cal (except for long-term care), public housing, or CalFresh as part of the public charge determination.
A reminder that medical testing, treatment and preventive services for COVID-19, including vaccines, are not considered for public charge purposes.

Public charge does not apply to all immigrants or all benefit programs. Each situation is different and there are many benefits not considered in the public charge assessment. Available to you are community agencies and resources that can provide information and advice specific to you and your family situation. Click on the tabs below for the latest updates regarding public charge, adapted from the national Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition.

We advise anyone concerned about their immigration circumstance to review the rule and to talk to a legal expert. CCHS and its employees cannot offer legal advice.

What is Public Charge
Who is not affected
Legal resources


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