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Tips for Calling the Appointment Unit


For your protection and for the security of your medical information, effective June 1, 2010 all adults, 19 years and over must present a government issued identifcation card when presenting for services at all Contra Costa County health centers. This includes: registration, laboratory, radiology, medical records or when receiving medication, treatments, discharge instructions and for prescription pick-up.

Information about scheduling a County Dental Clinic appointment

Call our Patient Access Line at 1-800-495-8885 to schedule a medical appointment. You will be asked to use your touch-tone phone to enter a number that identifies the patient who needs an appointment. When you accurately enter one of the numbers requested, your eligibility for an appointment will be determined and your call will be routed to the person who can best help you. If you do not have a touch tone phone, just stay on the line for assistance.

If you do not have a number, financial counselors will help you over the phone to see if you are eligible for Medi-Cal, Basic Health Care, or other health coverage programs. When you apply for insurance, complete all of the requirements. If you do not, you will never know if you are eligible for coverage to pay for your health care.

The following describes the options that you will hear on the phone tree:

Press 1 if the appointment is for a person who has a medical record with Contra Costa Health Services.

Enter the patient's medical record number (see image) found on their clinic card followed by the # sign or press 9 for further instructions. Be sure to enter all nine numbers, including the number after the hyphen.

Press 2 if the appointment is for a person who has Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) I.D. card.

Enter the patient's CCHP member I.D. number (see image) found on their CCHP ID (not clinic) card.

Press 3 if the appointment is for someone who has health insurance such as Medi-Cal or Medicare.

Please enter your social security number and press #. If you don't have a social security number you may enter your Contra Costa Health Plan number or your medical record number followed by the pound sign.

Press 4 to speak with a financial counselor.

A Financial Counselor may help you if you are not sure if you have health coverage in Contra Costa County or if you want to enroll in the health benefits you’re eligible to receive. Without financial screening you may not be able to be seen in one of Contra Costa County’s Health Centers.