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Managing Anxiety Naturally video recordings and class documents.

Otilia Tiutin PhD, DNM, Program Manager in the Health Education Department at Contra Costa Health Plan, offers a dynamic series of four classes on how to Manage Anxiety Naturally with cutting edge self-management tools and latest research. Power Point Slides.

Session 1

This class helps individuals: Understand root causes of anxiety. Learn how diet can trigger or help anxiety symptoms. What foods we can add to the diet daily to feel good and what foods to avoid.

Session 2

This class discusses how mindfulness tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Breathing and Meditation can be used to decrease or stop anxiety symptoms. Power Point Slides.

Session 3

This session discusses how spending time in nature can improve anxiety. Benefits of regular physical exercise, sleep hygiene tips and keeping a positive mindset. Power Point Slides.

Session 4

This session of Managing Anxiety Naturally discusses Anxiety Hacks (shortcuts) that can make a big difference in the way you feel. It also addresses trouble shooting and anxiety triggers that the participants shared. Power Point Slides.