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Health Navigation

In partnership with the Center for Human Development, Contra Costa Regional Medical Centers & Health Centers offers culturally and linguistically appropriate health navigation and advocacy services to its patients as part of our efforts to eliminate healthcare disparities. Health conductors and promotoras help guide patients through their healthcare experience, as well as link patients to community health, housing and nutrition resources. Here are some important things conductors and promotoras help patients with:

  • Establish a primary healthcare "home" with a doctor or clinic
  • Obtain initial medical and dental appointments
  • Apply for publicly funded health benefits
  • Talk with their healthcare providers about medical issues

African American Health Conductors

The African American Health Conductor Program was formed in 2006 to address the historical mistrust of doctors by Black people. Conductors understand health issues prevalent in the African American community. The program's name was inspired by abolitionist Harriet Tubman, who escaped slavery and helped others to escape using the Underground Railroad.


Promotoras provide general Spanish-language health navigation services, connecting residents to the healthcare services and provide them with culturally-relevant prevention education so they can lead healthy, self-sufficient lives. They also offer navigation and support to Spanish-speaking cancer patients throughout the health system. Promotoras can also help coordinate rides to and from medical appointments.

Re-Entry Conductors

Those returning from prison often come back with a higher disease burden of health, mental health and substance abuse disorders. These three factors are a core part of what leads to recidivism. The Re-Entry Health Conductors Program help coordinate healthcare for returning citizens through our Transitions Clinic, which is tailored for people leaving incarceration. Re-entry conductors also help clients enroll in health coverage programs, general assistance, CalFresh and disability and assist them with accessing resources such as housing, clothing, and jobs.


Eliminating Health Disparities Unit
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, 2500 Alhambra, Room 5