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Incident Response

At chemical spills, toxic releases and drug labs, we provide as needed:

  • 24-hour/7-day technical assistance
  • Identification of unknown substances
  • Health hazard information
  • Cleanup oversight
  • Community Warning System activation
  • Community Alert Network

Users may now search our database for incidents using various criteria.

Facilities are required to notify the Hazardous Materials Incident Response Team when there is an incident. The County's Board of Supervisors have approved the Hazardous Materials Incident Notification Policy detailing when and how this should be done. See also our Notification Flowchart and our All-Clear Flowchart .

See also: Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery Fenceline Data real-time monitoring by the Shoreline Environmental Alliance.

Richmond Community Monitoring Program Fenceline Data.

To learn more about accidents being investigation in the United States, go to the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board website.

or call 925-655-3200