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Level 1 Alert lasting longer than 20 minutes or with odors
Notification Only - Flaring incident at Martinez Refining Company in Martinez that may be Seen by the surrounding community.
September 21, 2023, 11:18 am

RMP - Shell Chemical

Martinez, California

The Shell Chemical Plant consists of two main batch processes: Ethylene Oxide (EO) Catalyst and RM-17. The EO Catalyst Process produces a silver-based catalyst that is sold to industrial customers that convert hydrocarbons to ethylene oxide. A specially formulated impregnating solution is produced at the Plant and absorbed onto carrier rings to make the EO Catalyst products. No CalARP/RMP regulated materials are used to produce RM-17. Ethylenediamine is used to produce the EO catalysts.

For additional information regarding this facility's operations and most recent audit results, please view the Audit Summaries | Spanish.

Regulated Substances Subject to CalARP/Federal RMP/ISO:

Regulated Substances Program Level CalARP Regulated Federal RMP Regulated ISO Regulated
Ethylenediamine (PDF) 3 yes yes no