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Flu Vaccination

Every person aged 6 months and older needs the flu vaccine, every year. This is especially true this year, with COVID-19 also circulating widely in Contra Costa.

Flu viruses are unpredictable and can change over time, so a past flu vaccine may not protect you this year. We recommend that everyone 6 months and older get a flu vaccine each year. Protection from vaccine can take up to two weeks to develop but lasts through the season, so we recommend getting flu vaccine early, before flu disease is in the community.

Where to Get Vaccinated

The 2022-23 flu season vaccine will be available throughout Contra Costa County beginning in the Fall of 2022. Ongoing Public Health Immunization Clinics will begin offering flu vaccine in October.

To get a flu vaccine:

For the General Public:

For community members with Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) who get care at County Health Centers:
  • County Health Centers will offer walk-in flu clinics for Health Plan members beginning in October, please bring your CCHP member card.
  • Health Plan members who cannot come to a walk-in clinic can see their doctor or call 1-800-495-8885 for a Treatment Nurse appointment.

For community members with Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) who get care through the Community Provider Network (CPN):
  • CCHP CPN members can get flu vaccine from Rite Aid or Walgreens if 3 years old & up. Call the pharmacy first to avoid long waits. Please bring your CCHP member card.
  • CCHP members of all ages can go to their doctor to get the flu vaccine. (The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.)

For community members with Kaiser Permanente health insurance:
  • Kaiser members can call the Kaiser Flu Hotline: 1-800-573-5811 (1-800-KP-FLU-11).

Information about flu vaccines - Vaccine Information Statements: