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First Hope

Early Intervention in Psychosis

What is First Hope?

First Hope is an outpatient treatment program for young people and their families, experiencing early symptoms of psychosis or a recent psychotic episode.

Established in 2012 to serve Clinical High Risk youth, with expanded services in June 2019 for young people experiencing a First Episode of Psychosis.

First Hope is a Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services Prevention & Early Intervention Program and a PIER (Portland Identification and Early Referral) certified program.

Why Early Intervention?

Getting help as early as possible helps! People do much better by addressing psychosis at the earliest stage rather than waiting and hoping symptoms will go away.

Think about it! It is much easier to recover after a short illness than when symptoms are allowed to go on for months or years. Research over the past few decades has shown that intervening early makes a huge difference in how people do in the long run.

Contact Us

391 Taylor Boulevard, Suite 100
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone: 925-608-6550