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Disease Investigation and Control

The Disease Investigation and Control unit monitors more than 85 infectious diseases in Contra Costa County. We investigate reports of possible outbreaks and attempt to identify the source of a disease and how many people may have been exposed to it. To do this, we may interview health care providers, patients, ask for lab samples, request that people stay home from work or school, and recommend medicines and vaccines. We work closely with the Public Health Laboratory in order to confirm a diagnosis. We also coordinate with the Environmental Health division to investigate complaints related to food.

One of the most crucial ways we control the spread of disease is by informing and educating people on how to protect themselves from being infected and from infecting others. We do this by promoting immunizations and good hygiene practices like handwashing, distributing fact sheets about different diseases, offering guidance to school officials and doctors and hospitals, and communicating health risks and prevention measures through the media as we did when West Nile Virus first appeared in Contra Costa County. We also offer consultations to medical providers, school officials, and the public over the phone.

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